Email Direct Marketing

Our EDMs are campaign based advertisements targeted to a specified list of clients and customers. We track the productivity of the campaign, conduct a/b testing, educate subscribers and measure metrics such as; generated clicks, open rates and bounces.

Creative Design

We work across digital and print, brand development, naming, copywriting and ‘tone of voice’, to position you brand in a way that is memorable and compelling to your target audience. 

Professional Copy Writing

We put ourselves in your customer’s shoes. We understand what it takes to get their attention in all the right ways. Delivering information in a way that not only educates them about your brand, but gets results. 

Digital Brand Guidelines

Making your brand cohesive across all communication fields delivers transformative results. We work with brands to construct their guidelines, encapsulating their values, vision and offerings. 



Our Online Brand Strategy - What we do at EJB:
Having a clear online brand strategy is key to establishing a competitive advantage for your business. 

BRAND consultancy

At EJB, Branding is more than logos and colour palettes, we look at your business as a whole - delivering the most targeted results, across all communications. Our brand consultancy helps you find your purpose and personality while relating them to your key target markets. 

Digital Marketing Plan

Working on a quarterly plan frame. We deliver strategies that are informed by research of your customers behaviour, market activity and online channel data. Providing a concise action plan that connects you to your audiences while remaining engaging and relevant in an ever changing market place. 

Business Automation

The goal of our Business Automation Service is not only to automate your business process, but to improve and simplify the workflow and activities which you operate. We review your current business demands to achieve greater efficiency, optimise operational components and streamline technology to suit your individual business needs.